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Fishing Reports

I am happy to say the season is going well and been a very busy year. There have been a lot of early coho salmon starting to return to Ketchikan, Alaska and the pink salmon are also starting to arrive. There are still a few King Salmon around but they are far and few between. We still have some open spaces availble for August and September if you haven't booked yet. We Look forward to seeing you fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska!

The reports coming in from a few friends is that there are a few of our early Ketchikan King Salmon coming in. We have our first charter for this year scheduled here in the near future. I am happy to say that we will be able to fish for halibut as well as salmon this year. Ketchikan charter fishing should be a blast this year. We look forward to seeing you all Fishing in Ketchikan this year!

We have the first cruise boat of the season arriving on thursday! And so the season begins. We always look foward to seeing the guests arive in Ketchikan, Alaska each year. This news means that we are only a month away from our first official charter. We will have new gear and new tackle for this years charter fishing season. With Many new clients booked for this year and many more contacting us this should be a very busy year for Charter Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I am excited to say that we continue to get closer to fishing in Ketchikan. The summer season is fast approaching and with the first small ship of the year already come and gone. We have officialy started the 2017 cruise season. The sound of fishing reels screaming as the fishi take line is getting us excited for the season. I look forward to seeing you all there for this years fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The weather is warming up and thawing us out from the cold winter in Ketchikan, Alaska. It look like there will be some snow left on the mountains this year for every one to see and for the fish. This should also help the fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska. We are continuing to buy new gear for this year to help improve your fishing charter so you can have a expeience you won't forget. We look forward to seeing you fisihing with us in Ketchika, Alaska!

The bookings for 2017 Ketchikan Charter Fishing have begun to roll in. The fishing in Ketchikan Alaska is begining to look good. There were a lot of halibut around last year and we are looking forward to seeing those halibut again this year on our fishing trips. We are also looking forward to high fish return numbers with 43 million pink salmon predicted to return to the state this year. These numbers should be good to help us help you fill your freezer! Call and book with us while there is still space available!

We had wonderful 2016 year at Rainy Day Fishing Charters in Ketchikan, Alaska! We Bought a new Boat Ice Blue. It is a 29ft BAMF boat built by fishing charter captains for captains. The Ice Blue was built by a long time charter captain in Sitka, Alaska and spcialy designed for three hundered and sixty degrees around fishing. We are now powered by a safe reliable Volvo Penta diesel and it also povides a nice comfortable cabin for every one with cabin heat. Along with a nice large cabin to seat up to six people comfortably.

The salmon fishing in 2016 proved to be another realy fun year!

     The Boat is in the water for the year!

It was another beautiful day on the water fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska. The salmon fishing is a little slow this time of the year. We wentout to enjoy the day and landed a junk fish but one of the biggest skate fish I have ever seen! We figured the fish weighed about 200lbs and was six feet across between the wings!

Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a 30ft TAL-BAMF boat. The boat was design in Sitka, Alaska by long time charter captain and Sitka resident.

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"Jared is as good a charter as you will find. The fishing was amazing. The boat is perfect for a morning of the best fishing ever..."

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Ketchikan is the Southernmost City in Alaska, and the Salmon Capitol of the world! Call Captain Jared for the Ketchikan Salmon Fishing Trip of a Lifetime!

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